A Community Economic Development Investment Fund (CEDIF) helps resourceful communities around Nova Scotia invest in local businesses. Since 1998 the CEDIF program has been helping to align the interests of Investors, Businesses and Government through tax incentives, access to low cost capital and the retention of investment in the region for the purpose of driving economic growth in Nova Scotia.

Over 50 businesses have registered under the CEDIF program collectively raising and investing over $40 million – CEDIFs are clearly an important part of Nova Scotia’s economic ecosystem.

We understand the importance of quality, useful and current resource material for existing business or communities interested in learning more about the CEDIF program. Through our online resource we will highlight the advantages, regulations and the limitations of the CEDIF program and plan to examine, educate, and work with Investors, Businesses and Government to help build a better economy.
CEDIF Canada
E-Mail: invest@cedif.ca