East Hants Entertainment Limited – Business Plan

The East Hants Entertainment Ltd. (formally East Hants Bowling Society) will open up a bowling/cinema complex in 2016/2017. Numerous sites are being explored by the company. Equity to build the complex will be raised by a share offering using the CEDIF model (Appendix 3-pg. 86). The company is made up of a core group of bowlers, with a dream to have a local facility to service the eager marketplace. The complex will have a 12-14 lane bowling facility with supporting equipment and goods to service the many levels of bowlers. There will also be a 200 seat Cinema showing a variety of movies. A food concession will be included to provide a selection of food and snacks. It is the intent of the company to open the complex in sections to gain momentum on the project. The East Hants Bowling Society members have a variety of experience and a vast network of contacts to make such a project viable.